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James Ron's Publications

James is a skilled researcher whose work has been published by numerous leading outlets. You can view a complete list of his publications here. Please see below for some examples of his work:


Minneapolist-based sociologist James Ron explores pollsters around the world in the wake of the United States' 2020 Presidential Election.

Sociologist James Ron and political scientist Howard Lavine find that Trump supporters are the main skeptics when it comes to the rights of both Jews and Muslims in the USA. 


As the annual United Nations General Assembly convened in September in New York, anxiety over relations with the United States under President Trump loomed. The United States is the most powerful member and largest contributor to the U.N.

Foreign Policy

The war against foreign-funded NGOs — from India to Israel — is harming democratic governance, not enhancing it.

The Washington Post

This article draws on our survey of 2,000 American adults to explore attitudes towards US airstrikes on suspected terrorist targets. The results show that the public is skeptical of these strikes if they cause civilian casualties.


White evangelical opposition to internationally recognized rights is neither intuitive nor theologically determined. 

The Washington Post

This article appeared in the Washington Post, and summarizes our findings from a dataset of government restrictions on foreign funded NGOs. 

The Washington Post

Present poling data from multiple countries in the global South, arguing that the general public does not associate human rights groups in their country with US geopolitical interests. 

Open Global Rights

Using cutting-edge human rights perception polls, the authors explore links between social class and domestic human rights movements in Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, and India. Social elites, they find, are better connected to human rights representatives than the masses.

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